First photos of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, black turtleneck and all

Behold! The Ashton Kutcher to Steve Jobs transformation in progress.

Back in April, we reported that the “That 70′s Show” star signed on to play Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in an indie biopic based on a script from Matt Whiteley. The film, currently titled Jobs: Get Inspired, will purportedly chronicle a vast spectrum of Jobs’ life, from his days as a scraggly hippie all the way up to his second stint at Apple.

With production of the film already under way, TMZ was able to snag a few photos of Kutcher in full Jobs regalia, which is to say photos of Kutcher wearing Jobs’ trademark jeans and black turtleneck. One nitpicky point of contention though – looks like Kutcher above is wearing Asics and not Jobs’ patented New Balances.

It’s also worth noting that Jobs didn’t begin wearing his patented “uniform” until well into his second stint at Apple. In other words, while the jeans and black turtleneck are now associated quite closely with Jobs, it’s not something he wore for the majority of his life, and certainly not when he was in fully hippie mode – which is what Kutcher seems to be portraying above. Indeed, particularly in the 80s, was a notoriously sharp dresser who, if you’ve ever seen some old photos and videos of the Apple co-founder, was never shy about wearing a bowtie either.

It’s also worth noting that there’s another Jobs movie currently in the works. Last we heard, Sony Pictures, which acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, was reportedly trying to get famed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin on board.

In any event, here’s another shot for good measure.

And oh yes, here’s one interesting factoid – Jobs and Kutcher are the exact same height, 6’2.

The Verge via TMZ

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