Forget The Apple iPhone SE, This Is The Perfect Small Phone

When the iPhone joined the big screen trend, a lot of people baulked at being sized-out from using future Apple handsets. Apple found a compromise, the 4-inch, mid-range iPhone SE, which stands alone as the small phone for shorter fingers. As the world adjusted to a new, bigger, reality, some small-handed users were left with software tricks to make their phones accessible.

Tiny bags and shallow pockets haven’t fully adjusted either. Having a $1,199 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra half hanging out of my shorts pocket doesn’t fill me with confidence. I now recommend a cross body bag when I review foldable phones because the only thing more daunting than breaking a $1000 device is cracking a $2000 one. The one, perfect, solution to all of this: clamshell phones.

Specifically, the Motorola Razr Plus (or Razr 40 Ultra), which is perfectly designed for both small hands and small pockets. Not just because it folds in half, but because it has a very functional 3.6-inch second outer display, which gives it an advantage over the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s 1.9-inch notification screen. The Razr is the first phone to properly bring back some of that small display magic.

I have been testing the Razr Plus for the the last two weeks and I am surprised at how much the 3.6-inch second screen has supplanted the main display. Sub four-inch phones are really rare, Apple’s iPhone SE stands alone. The Razr Plus joins it and it comes with a built-in normal sized handset. A true two-in-one.

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To get you up to speed, the second screen allows a selection of full apps that work as they do on the larger display. That includes TikTok, YouTube Music, the camera, most other Google apps, some Motorola software and… for some reason. It is limited, but these are core smartphone apps (and What quickly became clear after a couple of days of use is that I spend a lot more time on the second screen than I expected.

Lets take Spotify, for example. On a standard…