Forget The New MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Better


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Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops are some of the most powerful portable macOS devices that Tim Cook’s teams released. Developers and creatives have found the performance on offer is welcome, but that level of power is not needed by everyone.

Those looking for a little bit more than the M1 powered MacBook Air may not be comfortable with the eye-watering prices of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro is packed full of compromises. So if the answer is not the MacBook Pro, what is it?

It actually is the MacBook Air. Specifically it’s the MacBook Air that Apple is expected to launch later this year.

Now we have another source that backs up the MacBook Air launch date, with a new report from Digitimes highlighting the increased demand being asked of the supply chain pointing to a new MacBook Air being prepared for later in the year. MacRumors Joe Rossignol reports:

“… hot sales of MacBook Pro released in late 2021 have lingered into the first quarter of 2022, with shipment volumes higher than expected, and new MacBook Air set for launch in the second half of the year is expected to add further sales momentum.”

Alongside the mac Mini and the awkwardly positioned entry-level MacBook Pro, 2020’s MacBook Air was the first of Apple’s mac hardware to ship with its ARM-based Apple Silicon chipset. This M1 chip ran more efficiently, at a cooler temperature, and with more processing power, than the equivalent Intel chips.

That unlocked the MacBook Air’s potential, and for many the newly updated ultraportable was more than enough MacBook for what they needed a laptop to do.

Since then, Apple has uprated the base M1 chip for the refreshed iMac, the new Mac Studio, and the newly-designed premium MacBook Pro laptops. For all of the advantages the vanilla M1 chipset has, it is now decidedly long in the tooth as the two-year mark approaches.

With a new MacBook Air comes the likelihood of a new chipset. While the jury is out if Apple…