Fortnite: iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+ Which Phone Plays It Better?

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  1. GizmoSlipTech says:

    Thanks for checking out the video. I forgot to mention that each winner will also get the Galaxy skin! Just to clarify, the 45,000 V-Bucks giveaway will happen randomly on my gaming livestreams ( or I'll be picking random stream viewers over the next month. So the only way to enter it is by checking out the livestreams and hanging out while they are going on. See you guys soon!

  2. Derek Drummond says:

    I don't even like Fortnite but it is still in Beta and running at a higher resolution on the S9. They've got to get the optimization right but there are way more device configs to try and hit the sweet spot for than Apple has.

  3. InfiniteKing_ 21 says:

    Both play very smoothly and look fine for mobile version. I say it's even but if there are hiccups on the Android side that's because it's currently still in beta. Later it will get better optimization

  4. Dalton Arnold says:

    I have an iPhone X, and Fortnite runs flawlessly on it and looks amazing. I would appreciate it if you could compare PUBG also, because I play it far more than Fortnite, and it is actually quite more demanding than Fortnite on battery usage and the gpu on higher graphic settings. Thank you for the great content and keep it up!

  5. radical games says:

    why did he say he'll define try play on the iPhone ten than point at the s9 which really is it lol?

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