Found Apple Computer Dumpster Diving at Thrift Store #204

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  1. Courtney Pinion-Ortiz says:

    My whole family loves watching your videos do you need to say "huhum" more often its our drinking game .so much fun

  2. sirmugman says:

    oh first snow of the winter in your country we had that in april,
    craons in a bag, shoes n bags, toy house front, oh apple keyboard argh with a cut cord! woodem fold out gate, snow/ash shovel, bag of bits, bag of clothes, 90's ish mac, also how to piss computer geeks off, by throwing a vintageish mac around lol its not bed bugs from the cusions it'll be the geeks going "omg you broke it your idiot that's now you do that wah-wah!" clock radio, picture frames, real cool old phone! older clock radio that broken and cut cord and a wooden toilet seat yeah that belongs in the trash, broken ish radio clock looks like the old ladies are now destroying some items, that or they set them but when they hit snooze or off it keeps on going so they have to smash it, nice cowboy boots,

  3. Anna Graser says:

    I don't know where you live but glad where I live in Ohio we don't have any yucky white stuff yet.

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