Foxconn Raises Pay to Lure Back Workers Fleeing COVID Measure: Reports


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  • Major iPhone maker Foxconn is raising wages in a scramble to get fleeing workers to return.
  • Foxconn’s plant has been mired in COVID restrictions since an outbreak on its premises.
  • Factory workers in Zhengzhou, China were videoed climbing fences and walking to their hometowns.

Apple’s biggest iPhone maker, Foxconn, is raising workers’ wages at its plant in Zhengzhou, China, after some of its  employees began fleeing the site to escape stringent pandemic measures following an outbreak, according to several media reports. 

Foxconn, which employs around 200,000 workers at the plant, bumped hourly pay by as much as 36% to around $5.20 an hour for “key positions,” Bloomberg wrote on Monday. The outlet cited sources who declined to be identified because the pay raise was not publicly announced.

Meanwhile, Foxconn said it would raise daily bonuses for its workers at the Zhengzhou plant to $55 a day for the month of November, Reuters reported.

Before the recent pay bump, Foxconn workers made around $1,082 per month, the South China Morning Post reported in January. 

Reports of Foxconn raising wages comes amid a critical period, as Apple looks to produce newly-launched iPhone 14s for the holiday season. Foxconn produces around 70% of Apple’s global iPhone shipments, per Reuters.

Reuters reported on Monday that the pandemic measures mean that iPhone…