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  1. Neftali Bautista says:

    iphone and samsung r both good cant call the other shit the competion is the motivation that made the iphone x and note 9 otherwise if there was no competion both would suck

  2. Duane Wilson says:

    Samsung And Apple just need to go ahead and do a joint venture together And make a phone and stop bsn.

  3. Anthony Hernandez says:

    These are the best of what Samsung and Apple have to offer.
    IPhone X
    Oled display(made by samsung)
    Stereo Speakers
    Face ID
    Fast Charging(not included)
    Wireless charging
    Storage at 64gb or 256 gb(not expandable)
    Portrait lighting
    Note 9
    Super Amoled Display
    Stereo Speakers
    Facial recognition
    Fingerprint scanner
    Iris Scanner
    Fast Charging(included)
    Fast Wireless Charging
    Storage at 128gb or 512gb (expandable)
    S Pen
    Heart Rate sensor built in
    Headphone jack
    Samsung Dex (not included)
    AR used to translate or find info about objects
    If your IPhone X is so fast and powerful, why can't it split screen? Or why can't it be used as a computer while also being used as a phone?

  4. Sun Of A Beach says:

    Omfg all the triggered apple fan boy xD
    They said we are comparing a new phone to an old phone, but the X is still the newest right ?
    I bet the new iphone this year will still be nothing tbh
    By the time galaxy x appears ,its chip may beat apple in the only thing they have , SPEED

  5. Emad Ahmed says:

    Galaxy Note9 obliterates the iPhone X. Maybe the upcoming iPhone XS Plus will be able to give competition.

  6. Bambang Himawan says:

    What all matters to me is the performance. You might have all the cool features on your phone, but it’s absolute pointless if the phone runs slow when it’s needed the most.

  7. Roberto Sanz says:

    Very nice and powerful phone, but WHY STILL 12 MP CAMERA, when the galaxy s5 has 16MP, why Samsung WHYYY ???

  8. sterling archer says:

    The note 9 can't send full res images and videos in either default messaging app….
    No thanks.

  9. Brett Glover says:

    iPhone X already beat it in geekbench. Literally the only thing the note 9 has is a better low light. Other than that winner apple

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