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  1. Travis Roopnarine says:

    Who cares about app loading time if it's only a few seconds. I'd much rather have better multitasking capabilities. The Note 8 is far superior to the iPhone.

  2. ryanhayn says:

    How does the robot know the app has finished loading and to tap on the next app? I feel like there's a human controlling each of the robot's next steps.

  3. death knight - CSGO and more says:

    You do understand that no one most of the time need there apps already loaded and i realy can't see why is the notw 9 is the winner over here. You also should've done with the ios 12. Btw you'r awesome

  4. Irsyad Mukhtar says:

    You do realize that in android you can turn off the extra animation when clickin on apps right? It's in the developer's option and it just might cut down the extra 6 seconds on the first round. This is the beauty of android

  5. Nguyen Luan says:

    Yeah people can call me isheep or whatever but having a house and 2 sports car, a sedan and a suv. A $7500 gaming pc with custom liquid cooled and the two new rtx 2080 Ti in SLI are coming. I can buy whatever phone I like without worrying about having a hole in my pocket. Yeah that's the life of an isheep that I really enjoy. Not to mention my shoes costs more than your phone :) I don't think that's the life of droid boys who complaint all the time and get so excited whenever their new God win a battle. Yup you win the battle, but I guess I win the war. Millions of sales compared to thousand…Just saying

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