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  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    *ATTENTION* some responses to questions everyone is asking. -iPhone back is broken (i didnt want to $pend to buy a new one) but this does not affect camera performance. -i did NOT adjust audio on iPHone or Note, left the level at 0 on both and the Note is louder but im not sure its better, levels could be lifted on iphone i just didnt want to ajdust or improve anything for this review – lastly to everyone that asks why compare a year old iphone w a brand new android; well there isnt a newer iphone on the market. its the best android vs the best apple. when the new iphone drops imma review the shit out of that thingtoo. ok thanks eveyrone for watching

  2. Juggerslayer says:

    I the iphones colors are more rich, not more vibrant, but very full and rich, which personally, i look for in a camera.

  3. Albert Alb says:

    It’s like comparing Windows and Mac, most people would say what they have is better than anything else. I would never choose anything that doesn’t have ios…

  4. Nojoe 50 50 says:

    I don’t know why everybody’s hating on iPhone now, I mean considering it’s a year older it’s still extremely high quality

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