Galaxy Note II to sport whopping 5.5-inch screen

In February of 2012, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note. Billed as a smartphone, the device came with a monstrous 5.3-inch screen that made it seem like a weird smartphone/tablet hybrid. Naturally, it became the butt of a lot of jokes – it does come with a stylus after all – but Samsung appears to have had the last laugh as the device has sold quite well, actually.

This past April, when Samsung announced their first quarter earnings from 2012, the company reported $ 40 billion in revenue and $ 5 billion in quarterly profit – an all time record  at the time for the Korean based electronics giant. And helping Samsung reach that goal were better than expected sales of the Galaxy Note. And just a few days ago, Samsung posted equally impressive results from Q2 of 2012 – $ 5.9 billion in profit, representing a 79% increase form the same quarter a year-ago.

Earnings at the mobile-phone business more than doubled, with products such as the Galaxy Note helping the company mask a slump in profit from semiconductor sales, analysts said.

So looking to build on that, The Verge relays that Samsung is expected to unveil a successor to the Galaxy Note – the Galaxy Note 2 – that’s even bigger than the original. Yep, the Galaxy Note II is rumored to come with a whopping 5.5- inch screen. And oh yes, a quad core processor and a 12 megapixel camera as well. But wow, the photo above is of the original Galaxy Note next to an iPhone. Tack on an even bigger screen and things are getting a bit ridiculous. To Samsung’s credit, though, the upcoming phone will sport a bigger screen but not necessarily a larger form factor.

The device will likely be unveiled for the first time at IFA 2012, a consumer electronics show in Berlin scheduled for late August. It will also likely run Jelly Bean, the latest incarnation of Android.

But hey, if customers are buying them, it only makes sense for Samsung to keep selling them and even test if a larger screen can drive even more sales.

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