Get Backup Pro 3 Is The Essential Mac Software For World Backup Day

Today is World Backup Day. Every year on March 31 we are reminded how important it is to back up our precious data and we all know it makes sense even if we roll our eyes whenever an IT professional asks us about our backup routine.

Last year on World Backup Day I featured a piece of Mac backup software that I use every day. It’s called Get Backup Pro 3 and comes from Ukrainian software developer Belight Software, which is based in Odessa.

This year I make no apologies for writing about Get Backup Pro 3 because since last year we have all seen the unspeakable suffering that the people of Ukraine have suffered at the hands of the Russian invasion.

As an act of solidarity with Belight Software, I want to bring this amazing piece of software to your attention again. The Ukrainian economy has taken a battering during the war and any support we can show to Ukraine’s software developers like Belight will be most welcome. It’s also a brilliant piece of software and a bargain.

Get Backup Pro 3 takes all the hassle out of backing up your data and is incredibly easy to use. It can create incremental and compressed backups which can reduce the size needed to store a backup archive by as much as 60%.

The software can also create bootable backups by cloning a hard drive to produce an identical mirror of the Mac’s boot drive and which can then be used should the Mac’s main drive fail. Meanwhile, security is essential for anyone handling and storing sensitive data on a computer. Get Backup Pro 3 can create encrypted archives using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES.

One feature of the software that I use every day is the synchronization function. This enables files in two different locations to be synced with each other either in one direction or…