Giving iOS devices a longer second life

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There is no denying that iOS devices manufactured by Apple Inc have a certain charm. That is why people are willing to fork out a substantial amount for them, not to mention the subsequent repairs and maintenance.

However, after repairs, they are often not up to par, especially if the owner chooses to bypass the official route once the device warranty expires and get it fixed by any computer repair shop, which may not do as good a job but will charge much less.

Considering how much people paid for the device in the first place, Jerome Teh feels there should be a better way of doing things. The co-founder of Second Life Asia Sdn Bhd (Secondlifeasia) says that even though iOS devices are considered to be the best in the market, there is always the chance that the products could malfunction or become damaged.

“You could end up spending between RM6,000 and RM12,000 for a new iPhone or MacBook but still suffer once the warranty expires if the phone is damaged or the screen cracks or the MacBook becomes buggy due to software issues,” he points out.

“While it can be a simple task to find a local service centre, the question is whether it is best suited to handle the job. When we walk into an authorised Apple service provider with a small issue such as a keyboard, screen or battery replacement, it usually doesn’t get fixed on the spot or even on the same day.

“Moreover, it complicates things when you are forced to wait a whole week for a complete service by these providers. Some service providers will keep your MacBook for 7 to 10 working days, which can inconvenience you considerably, especially if the problem is not that severe.”

This prompted Teh to establish Secondlifeasia in 2018. The company uses certified factory parts to repair and maintain iOS devices. And to ensure transparency and reliability, he and his team came up with an iOS diagnostics application to support their repair services.

The service centre in Petaling Jaya’s SS2 began operations in December last year. “You can watch Secondlifeasia technicians fix your device right in front of you, giving you peace of mind in the process,” says Teh.

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