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  1. Quintillion PG3D says:

    IPhone and apple gayyy samsung is better in many ways if you like iphone means you like crap trust me people, people are switching to the s10

  2. Khoa Phan says:

    When you have a Apple Watch but a black band….you parents bring a whole bucket of bands

  3. Moosey1789 says:

    Nothing is organic on YouTube anymore if it ever was. Production companies are using computing infrastructure we pay for (our phones and computers and internet) to spoonfeed us sham-wow products that used to be ridiculous at 3 AM on late night cable and now we actively search for them on Amazon snd YouTube. Congratulations. This is why China is the number one economy in the world.

  4. FinardoLittle 123 Animations And Gaming says:

    I became more fit when my mom gave me her old apple watch

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