Guide to cleaning up your Mac or PC the right way

A cluttered computer can stop you from enjoying your digital life to the fullest. For example, maybe you just read our easy guide on restoring old family photos. If you’re ready to digitize iconic moments from your family’s history, a junk-filled Mac or PC can throw a wrench in those plans.

In fact, a surplus of junk can also get in the way of your professional life. If you work from home, you probably need to save, create and upload files now and then. The messier your computer is, the longer your work takes — which makes your days even harder.

If your Mac or PC isn’t working as well as it used to, grab your digital feather duster to clean up the dust in your system. Not sure where to start? No worries. Here are a few easy ways to kickstart the process.

1. Get sensitive files off your desktop or out of folders

When we delete a file on our Mac or PC, we assume that it’s gone forever. In reality, it’s just been sent to the Trash or the Recycle Bin. That doesn’t permanently delete these files.

In fact, someone could see these files even months later. Just think about the treasure trove of private documents and sensitive data you’re leaving around. Someone could snoop through all of this stuff — right under your nose.

Plus, if you haven’t emptied your bin in a while, it could even slow down your computer. Think of it as a digital equivalent to your physical trash can: the contents are only cleared out once you take the extra step of emptying them. Tap or click here to delete your private data for good.

There are a few good options at your fingertips:

If you want to back up your important files before deleting them, we recommend a secure cloud service like IDrive for anything you want to keep safe. It’s much more secure than storing locally.

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