Hackers Target Windows Users With This Malware-Infected NFT Pokemon Game


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With just Temtem and Monster Crown to tide them over, PC fans have been waiting for a true Pokemon game for an aeon in Growlithe’s age. However, avoid the impulse to download dubious executables from dubious websites, especially if they’re exploiting the questionable appeal of NFTs to entice you in.

This is true no matter how frantic you are to capture them all on your desktop. The spread of remote access malware to rivals by at least two has been detected.

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Two distinct Pokemon-themed websites were discovered by security experts at ASEC (via Bleeping Computer) and invited would-be Ash Ketchums to download executables for a digital version of the card game, only to install malware covered up as the trusted NetSupport Manager utility.

Once activated, the Team Rocket-style criminals could utilize simple remote support tools to take over an infected PC, installing more malicious software and collecting user data whenever they liked.

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The virus that infects computers with harmful software by distributing fake copies of well-known games is nothing new, but tempting users with the promise of money from NFTs bearing the Pokemon name is especially impolite.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) themselves are rife with pump-and-dump investing scams and good old-fashioned thievery, in addition to the lack of any indication that Nintendo or Pokemon creator Game Freak are interested in joining the non-fungible bandwagon. The NFT market hit rock bottom last year. With “pokemon-go” and “beta-pokemon cards” in their URLs, ASEC identified two distinct URLs that contained convincing fake presentations and PC downloads. Both have been removed as of the time of writing.