Happy 15th Birthday, iPhone

Fifteen years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone.

From its humble beginnings as a bulky device dismissed by naysayers for being too expensive for mass markets, to something many people can’t imagine living without. It’s been a wild ride, in fact it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the 10th anniversary. Speculation for the iPhone 14 has already started, but let’s take a minute to look back and celebrate the iPhone’s 15th birthday.

2007: The very first iPhone

The iPhone was such a novel concept that Steve Jobs introduced it by describing it as a touchscreen iPod that makes calls and also has the internet. But with a puny 4GB of storage and a $499 price tag, the world would forever be changed.

Image of Steve Jobs holding up the first iPhone

Introduced at the MacWorld Expo 15 years ago today.
Credit: Getty Images

2008: The iPhone we know and love starts to take form

iPhone 3G

The the first iPhone was really about introducing the concept, but the second generation of iPhone came with the iconic features that are now ubiquitous to smartphone users: GPS tracking, the App Store, and push notifications.

Image of Steve Jobs on stage introducing the iPhone 3G

Imagine, only $199 for an iPhone.
Credit: Getty Images

2009: “Twice as fast, at half the price”

iPhone 3GS

The third generation unveiled an early iteration of voice control, sophisticated camera features that established the iPhone as the gold standard of this feature for many years to come, and baseline storage of 16GB for $199.

Image of man holding up the iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was the first iPhone to be sold in South Korea.
Credit: Getty Images

2010: A new design comes with new problems

iPhone 4

It’s hard to imagine a phone without a front-facing camera, but thanks to the iPhone 4, we don’t have to. This iPhone’s squared-off edges was a departure from its rounded predecessors. Unfortunately, the design came at a cost. Because of the internal placement of the antenna, holding the iPhone inhibited network reception. With its new retina display, there were also many complaints of a yellowish discoloration that prompted an official statement from Apple.

Image of Steve Jobs holding up the iPhone 4

By this point, Jobs was already battling pancreatic cancer, and his appearance was notable thinner.
Credit: Getty Images

2011: The world says hello to Siri, but farewell to…