Have you ever experienced malware on your Android phone?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments about iOS security and Android malware got a few people riled. Cook claimed that side-loading was the main propagator of malware on Android and a core reason why Apple disallows the practice on iOS. But the situation on either platform is not that simple.

There’s no denying that malware is present and prevalent on Android. While Google Play Protect does sometimes highlight false positives, malware regularly appears on the Play Store. Earlier this year, we saw a malicious barcode scanner app pulled from the platform. In the past, other popular apps have been outed as malware carriers. Despite this, iOS and the Apple App Store aren’t devoid of malware either.

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Whatever platform you use, finding malware on your device is dire. On that note, we’re curious about how often our readers come across malware on Android.

Have you ever experienced malware on your Android phone? How did it impact you? Be sure to vote in our poll above. We’d love to hear your anecdotes, too, so do drop those in the comments section below.