HELP! Need Mac/Apple Tech.Husband work programs are not launching?

Apple Computer TechCurioustress asked:

My husband recently upgraded his Mac operating system and had problems. He brought it to a Mac store and THOUGHT he had the problem fixed. Now, none of his programs will launch. The Mac tech is not available until Wed.

My poor husband is MISERABLE … this computer is his work … he is a commercial artist and he is basically shut down until midweek. Life is bad around here until this problem is fixed.

Is there anyone out there (who has a strong understanding of Mac/Apple systems) that could lend a hand … maybe help him get things going??

Thanks so much for whatever help could be given.

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  1. yahoo!!! says:

    huh have you tryed restarting the mac i don’t know what the problem could be you said he upgraded did he have mac tiger and upgrade to leopard if thats the case then maybe his mac dose not meet the requirements to run leopard and that could be the problem and slow things down . i don;t know what to say hope this helps and sorry i was not muh help im a windows user i don’t much about mac

  2. dotMac says:

    Please provide more details about the problem.

    Does it display any error when you launch the applications?
    You can try some of these :
    1. Try reinstalling the applications on the new OS.
    2. Launch “Disk Utility”[/Applications/Utilities/Disk] and select the disk volume that has the Mac OS X. Perform “Verify Disk” and “Verify Disk Permissions”. In case it detects any error perform a corresponding Repair.
    3. Also ensure that your start up volume is not full. Select the volume in Finder and right click on it. Select “Get Info”. Check the available label to know the free disk space. Ensure that it is over a 1 GB. If not move some files to another volume and Empty your Trash.
    4. Try restarting you Mac.

    If you provide more details on the nature of the problem, I could suggest more accurate solutions.

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