hey! im having problems with computer tech specs. which one is the best?

Apple Computer Tech CliqueObsesso asked:

i don’t care about the appearance or laptop or desktop. i am aware that there is a $100 difference between them. here are the links: (they’re all macs)
1) desktop http://www.macofalltrades.com/Apple_G4_400MHz_Gigabit_Ethernet_512_40GB_DVD_p/g4450sa1.htm

2) iBook http://www.macofalltrades.com/Apple_G3_500MHz_iBook_12_320_15GB_CD_Drive_p/g3500ib2.htm

3) eMac http://www.welovemacs.com/emac700cd.html

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  1. EAGarcia (Sagittarius) says:

    go with the emac, because it has the fastest processor. id recommend you get a pc that is like $500 but has like dual core, 2gigs of memory (thats 4 times than the highest one of your choices) and like a 320gb hard drive, with powerfull video card

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