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  1. Apple Explained says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support you've been giving me lately. I'll be heading to Japan soon but I still plan on uploading at least one video a week. Follow me on Instagram, twitter, or Facebook to see what I'm up to overseas!

  2. Ice Cube Is Love says:

    IPod Touch 5th Gen In 2012? But iOS 7 Wasn’t iOS 7 Was not Even Announced Yet…

    Must Be a Typo…

  3. Trung Gaming says:

    Are you sure Ipod touch 3rd gen is in 2005
    First iPod touch is in 2007
    That mean iPod touch 3rd gen is earlier than first iPod touch and first iPhone

  4. Nova theleopardgecko says:

    I have a 2007 ipod classic generation 6 the generation 6 has only 80 gigabytes btw. 6th generation of the iPod classic has 80 gigabytes the 7th generation had 160 gigabytes. I dont have a laptop sadly :(

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