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  1. Spyro Defender says:

    8:00 Caution: do not throw into fire. Well dang, there goes my weekend plan of buying an iPod, taking it apart, and chucking the battery in a fire

  2. Taylor says:

    Okay, to be fair, the iPod Touch 6 generation wasn’t even advertised or initially launched with any sort of recognition. Even on Apple’s website you can’t find “iPod” unless you go to the Apple Music section first, so it being overshadowed by the 6 & 6 plus would more/less be their own fault and…it had also been released in the summer of 2015 right before the 6s.. which the 6 and 6 plus was released September 2014. But I also agree that iPod batteries do suck. Apple also does not mention them at their keynotes they’ve always said “iPhone and iPad” not mentioning iPod whatsoever really, and it being so close to the 6s, they could’ve at least added 2gb of ram.

  3. Alexander Armitage says:

    They're underpowered devices when most people buy them for their kids so that they can pretend to have a phone, when they could just get an iPhone 5S and plop I SIM card in later. BTW most of the team that was working on the Xbox 360 was switched over at last second before launch to work on zoon.

  4. creent_tv says:

    iPod touch 7G prediction

    ▪With headphone jack
    ▪256 GB storage
    ▪Touch ID
    ▪2.0 GHz CPU
    ▪2 GB RAM
    ▪12 MP back, 8 MP front
    ▪Colors: Black, White, Blue, Pink,
    Yellow, Green, Red

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