How Apple’s sleep tracker can help you lose weight

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Besides sweating along to Apple Fitness+ workouts, there is important data stored in your iPhone that you should focus on when it comes to fat loss: sleep.

Poor sleep quality and duration can lead to weight gain, metabolic disorders, and an increased risk of otherwise preventable health conditions.

While numerous studies are underway to divulge the connection between poor sleep and obesity, existing research tells us that there is in fact a positive correlation between consistent good sleep quality and a healthy, maintainable body weight.

Negative effects of poor sleep

Studies suggest that individuals who sleep less than six hours nightly are more likely to be obese.

If you are not clocking in at least seven hours, it is likely that you feel sluggish, dizzy, and have an insatiable appetite for calorie-dense foods that are sweet, fatty, and starchy.

When you are sleep deprived, the sheer thought of exercising will exhaust you, and engaging in your favorite exercise activities could be unsafe.

Poor sleep is marked by increased oxidative stress, higher cortisol levels (the fight or flight hormone), glucose intolerance, and insulin resistance.

In addition, the longer you are awake during the day, the more chances you have to eat. Getting persistently poor sleep might also disrupt your natural circadian rhythm, which can lead to weight gain.

How Apple Health can aid your sleep and fat loss goals

You don’t need an Apple Watch in order to track your sleep at night. Sleep in the Health app on the iPhone automatically tracks your time in bed based on your iPhone usage at night.

Tracking time in bed

Tracking time in bed

If you are wondering about the accuracy of sleep tracking without the Apple Watch, iPhone usage data suggests that the average American checks their phone at least once every ten minutes. Your phone assumes that if you haven’t checked in for a few consecutive hours, you are likely asleep.

To track sleep…