How can I play PC games on a mac?

Mac Games Charlie C asked:

Is there any way I can play my old pc games on my macbook? Don’t wanna hav 2 spend a fortune on buying all the mac versions.


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  1. Philip says:

    you can. only that you have to have the new mac os, leopard. this is the latest. it has a utility that can run windows as an application, then you can do whatever you could do with your windows pc on a mac.

    try it.

  2. Ghosts says:

    You have a whole spectrum of options.

    You can buy the mac versions, which you already said you didn’t want to do.

    You could Install Windows XP/Vista using Bootcamp:

    You could use Crossover Games, which will let you install and run your games in OS X:
    (I use this, I love it)

    You could install XP/Vista in either VMware or Parallels:
    (I don’t recommend either of these)

    Now all of the options are going to cost you a little(unless you already have a Windows install disc) But Crossover games is probably your best choice.

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