How can I record video games to my mac without using a video camera?

Mac Games Mark asked:

Please do not tell me to purchase Eyetv, Eyetv only lets you use your mac as a screen for when you play video games, it does not record the game.

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  1. Nu'uanu says:

    If the game you are playing is on your Mac, then you need a screen capture utility…

    Some do single screen shots – which you do not want. Others end up capturing QuickTime movies of the screen – which is what you want…

    Or… if you have a game console, you will want three “y” cables… 1 for video, one for left audio, one for right audio.

    Plug the “y” cables into the game console. One side goes to the TV like normal, the other side goes to a Canopus video converter
    Then a firewire cable connects the Canopus video converter to your Mac. Launch iMovie or FinalCut and import the game play…

    USB based video converters will not work.

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