How do i Password lock my wireless internet on my apple computer?

Apple Computer Tech Katie asked:

Does anyone know how to password lock my wireless network on my mac computer? i have a linksys wireless router, i tried calling there support line but they cant help me bc i have a mac. I called apple and they cant help me bc they said its linksys problem. I tried typing my IP address in firefox and Safari bc the mac support guy said it should take me to a page where i can set the preferences? well that didnt work. Im really new to this wireless thing, all i did was plug it in and it worked i have no idea where to start to lock it..i have tried a bunch of stuff toying around with it and nothing seems to work. Aren’t Macs suppose to be easy user friendly??? If someone could give me a step by step instructions with out the tech terms ( that i know nothing about) i would be so appreciative! Im all about sharing but im not supply my entire building with internet .

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  1. Colinc says:

    You need to type in the router address, not your own, check the router manual for this. Then in wireless security set an encryption key.

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