How do you a windows games on a mac OSX?

Mac Games baseballplayerzj11 asked:

I have parallels installed and after i install the game and start to play it before it loads to play it says disk can not be found. My computer is a month old and i can play games for macs on it so its not the computer. Im obviously doing something wrong.
I ment IMAC sorry.

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  1. MICHAEL C says:

    you cant . the mac and windows have two prosesers and dont interact with each other

  2. jfusna says:

    Unfortunately, OS X is still a Unix-based operating system. As with all Linux/Unix OS’s, you must recompile any software originally created for Windows in order for it to work. Realistically, unless you have a lot of experience and time in doing this, you’re better off finding similar software and using that instead.

  3. Rick23509 says:

    YES! You can run Windows applications on a MAC running OS X. It usually requires a copy of Windows to be installed on top of OS X in a virtual environment however CrossOverMac allows you to run applications without installing an instance of Windows.

    CrossOver Mac

    ——– Requires a copy of windows ——–
    Virtual PC


    OpenOSX – Wintel

    Good luck!

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