How does Windows Vista compare to Apple’s OSX?

Apple OSX quinn j asked:

I’m looking to buy a new computer and I’m reading a lot of outdated answers on the “Mac vs PC” questions… Not helpful … Hardware isn’t really an issue either because pretty much the same hardware is available for PCs for the same cost as a MacBook. Please help!

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  1. Julian says:

    I would recommend you go with the Mac OSX because Vista still has many bugs and most programs and games are not Vista-compatible.

  2. Aaron F says:

    Really depends on what you plan to do with the laptop. Most writers swear by OSX. If you’re into gaming it may be different.

  3. Gordon says:

    there is really no comparison, Mac OS X is by far better than Windows Vista. I have used used Vista on my work computer, and there are some nice features, but I use a Mac at home, and like it a lot better. Vista just has a lot of problems right now, I would wait til maybe next year to get Vista, but for now I would stick with a Mac.
    also just watch all the new Apple tv ads.

  4. ThisTooShallPass says:

    I would suggest for you to get a Macintosh. The latest Macs have Intel processors and it will enable you to run both Mac OS X and Windows. So you can use Windows for work and you have the stylish Mac for entertainment and work!

    Plus, I’m not bashing Windows Vista, but it has features similar with the ones that has been around in Macs…so I would definately go with the one that has the features that has been around for years.

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