How much should a computer tech make?

Apple Computer Tech Repairer asked:

I am a college student living on my own. I have been working at an apple authorized repair center in Northern California as an Apple Certified Technician for over a year now. With rent, phone bills, gas, and bus fares, nine dollars an hours isn’t really cutting it. Is nine an hour a fare salary?

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  1. Lindsey Faith says:

    I have a maid service and my team leaders make that much cleaning homes. You have a skill that people need and you should be making more. However, there are a LOT of people with your skill who are more than willing to get paid that much. So, I guess it’s all where you work and if you market yourself properly.

  2. ChazzLB says:

    $9 an hour sounds extremely unfair if you are certified and (I assume) you know what you’re doing. But the company you work for is probably going to keep dogging you as long as you let them.

    Find out if Apple is hiring, your experience will make you attractive to them.

    Check other local employers, your certification makes you valuable to a repair shop that cannot service Apple equip due to lack of said certification.

    For the biggest bang for your buck, take out a classified ad and do some freelance work. Hopefully you can also work on Windows machines as well.

  3. Judy says:

    Some places it would be, but in California it sounds pretty low. Check around to see if you can find a job that would pay more. Good luck.

  4. tndiehard says:

    Dont Jump to quick. See if there are any MAC User Groups in the area.

    Go a couple of meetings and say you have hardware exp and see if either individuals have a need or anothjer company is looking.

    You might develop a lucrative part time job. If you know the software end. You could triple your money pretty quickly.

    I pay a guy $25/hr Use him every now and again he has 30-40 people like me and he makes more part time then he does on his full time job.

    He only stays because they give him Medical Insurance.

    Good Luck Gerry

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