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  1. Vladimir Machado says:

    I have a series 2 Apple Watch with watchOS 5 beta installed, since beta 2 WebKit is not working anymore on this device… I think apple will let this function only for watch series 3… this is sad, because it was working very well with beta 1.

  2. Vicki Wood says:

    Very handy when you need to check a fact or quickly look something up. Happens to me a couple of times an evening when watching tv.

  3. TheSkepticInTech says:

    While in certain situations this will be handy, the fact I have to hold my arm up in an awkard manner for an extended period of time makes it something I'll rarely use. At glance and quick view watchOS applications seem to me to be more practical on a watch.

  4. TVCH LORD says:

    im surprised they allow input on the web browser, hopefully they dont remove that by final release

  5. Pano 360 says:

    I used to have an android watch. It had a web browser app that worked well. It was occasionally useful, so I’d be up for apple making a Safari browser for the watch. It opens up possibilities like using twitter and Facebook.

  6. TheGadgetPanda says:

    Yet ANOTHER misguided MacRumors video about WatchOS 5 features that doesn't bother mentioning that the features aren't available unless you're on the beta. The whole video is current tense – "You can do this" NOT "You'll be able to do this in September. Maybe." – Come on MacRumors! This is getting silly.

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