How to buy a cheap Macbook Pro – 3 ways to get a discounted Apple computer

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  1. tr1ck5h07 says:

    I bought a 2018 macbook pro 15 on ebay with a £900 discount from when it was brand new. Definitely worth spending time finding a trustworthy seller willing to let it go for a bargain.

  2. Ah Sa says:

    I just bagged myself a MacBook Pro 2018 refurbished from Apple and saved £400 from the original price. And it looks brand new

  3. itsjbcalling says:

    You look like tweedle dee from the newest Alice and Wonderland… like the one with Johnny Depp and stuff

  4. Emmy’s Very Serious Videos says:

    Apple’s education store isn’t very helpful, they make it juste a little cheaper and they still are astoundingly overpriced

  5. Playdust says:

    I checked the refurbished store and the prices are literally £30 different from a brand new product

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