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  1. Espiègle Francophone says:

    Just when I thought I had this covered… the old iPhoto library, but of course! Thanks, that's a great tip

  2. Classic Sports Pictures says:

    When you click onto "CleanMyMac3" you immediately get the subscribe pitch. It does a scan your computer and starts to clean it – then stops and tells you if you wish to continue you have to subscribe. What's worse is it then attaches to your computer – then you have to go to applications to remove it. DO NOT RECOMMEND! Some of what Cox presents is helpful but this video is NOT the "cure all to clean your Mac" Might be just a sales pitch for CleanMyMac3!

  3. Viviana Vojtek says:

    Hi, i just installed the software but it only found 20gb from Other were is total of 401gb . Any other tips? thx . I already clear all Caches, startups, cookies,……………. nothing

  4. Dillon Chakmakjian says:

    I used to work at simplymac an apple authorized service and retail provider that being said Mac keeper ,Mac cleaner, clean my Mac 3 is all malware his other tricks are nice but try looking into de fraging your HD. apple (1800 My Apple will walk you through 20 min process

  5. A Rentas says:

    I’m in iOS Files and it’s taking forever to delete the 5 iPhone backups that I had. Is that common? I have one as large as 29GB

  6. louise lyon says:

    Mr Cox you're a genius! Thanks for the truly excellent tutorial, so well explained even I was able to keep up :)

  7. Noob says:

    manage doesn't come up for me when viewing my storage, I tried to update my computer but it said I wasn't able to get that update. any ideas on what to do?

  8. Barry Paffey says:

    I turned off Firevault and it took days to decrypt my computer and didn't seem to increase the space available? When I connected my Time Machine drive, which hadn't been connected for months it said it could not back up because the drive was encrypted, what the hell is going on? I now find that my drive is almost full having lost 500GB somewhere in the last week or so? Firevault is definitely turned off as the "Turn On Firevault" sign is greyed out; any ideas?

  9. Melanie Clarke says:

    You saved me!!! Thank you for putting such clear and detailed instructions every step of the way. Your efforts are tremendously appreciated!!

  10. Michael Murphy says:

    I think file vault is pretty important. If you ever want to get rid of the computer or otherwise dispose of the storage, then you want file vault so that garage raiders can't steal your data. You also want it if you travel with your mac so that your data is safe is someone steals your computer.

  11. PuffedPancakez says:

    tysm i just got 3 tb of storage i only had 67 GB and i didn't notice i had all this junk from a year ago!

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