How to contact Apple support: All methods, explained


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Apple makes some of the best consumer hardware on the planet right now, but those iPhones and MacBooks are not invincible. Sometimes you will need to contact Apple support to help with a random glitch or to get a repair. Thankfully, Apple has first-rate customer service and plenty of straightforward ways to reach them.

The process is easy. Hold times are almost non-existent, and the service is friendly. Also, if you have an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you can chat with support right in iMessage.

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How to contact Apple support number

A telephone is the most straightforward way to contact Apple support. It’s also the fastest, as the agent will be focused solely on you and can walk you through any instructions. However, if you’re having problems with your iPhone and don’t have another phone around, you’ll need to look at other options.

Step 1: You can call Apple at 1-800-275-2273. From there, you’ll be asked about what Apple device or service you’re calling about.

Step 2: For education-related questions, you can get ahold of Apple at 1-800-800-2775 for anything specific to school-based devices, ranging from elementary school up to college-level.

Step 3: For support specific to Apple Cash, you can call 1-877-233-8552 and follow the instructions from there.

How to contact Apple through Apple Support app

The easiest way to contact Apple support is to use the Apple Support app. It comes pre-installed in all iPhones and iPads.

You can call Apple directly from the app or initiate a chat.

The app is also a fantastic knowledge base with tips and basic troubleshooting advice. You can also book appointments at the local Genius Bar with it.

Step 1: Swipe right on your iPhone or iPad to get to the App Library and find the Utilities folder.

Step 2: Open the Support app.

iPad OS Utilities folder with the Apple support app circled in red

Step 3: If this is your first time using it, you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen.

Press Continue.

Step 4: The app will automatically display the device you’re using. If you need support for a different device, tap on Products in the upper-left corner.

Step 5: Once you choose the Apple product or service for which you need support, you’ll be offered…