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  1. Fernando Z says:

    When I click launch it saids its launching but then it said like error or something and takes me back on the home screen

  2. Jocelyn Dela Serna says:

    I cannot download the Mavis high seria it says item not found is it the riegon if it is what region is ut

  3. Supreme Nitro says:

    hey could you give me the link to it i cant find the macos high sierra

    i cant alos download it because it said on ios devices iphone ipad but not on computer idk why

    ok so i figured it out i dragged the epic game icon to applications and i do it and then it makes a noise and it doesn't load up :/

    then it says you cant download it in your ios verison

    well im still better on mobile

  4. Mason sellers says:

    you are not that bad and i need a xbox gift card please it is ok if i do not need to get a card but i would really like ONE thank you so much

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