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  1. simple plan says:

    Now it doesn't let me download Mac OS and I have no disk to start computer. Did I just fuck it up with this video?

  2. yeddybear says:

    When i click reinstall mac os it says that it will take 8 hrs to install and 1hr later it still says 8hrs more but why is yours so fast? Is there something wrong with mine or should i just wait it out?

  3. eagpaoa says:

    Thanks for the vdo… Wanna reset my computer bc its running slow and low on space. When I first got my 2010 Macbook. I partition like 40% of the hard drive for windows due to some programs that my school only worked on windows. I don't need the partition anymore and Im ready to reset my macbook, and just I finished backing up on time machine. My question is after I reset my macbook, if I restore from time machine, will it put back the 40% partition?

  4. Apollo Shisui says:

    My little brother forgot his username/ admin password how can I solve this ? Some one please help.. I’d appreciate it

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