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  1. rick cary says:

    You need apple software disk after the wipe?? I have a mini Mac with no OS disk at all other than what's on it presently.

  2. Ahmed Salim Aboubacar says:

    i try to That's the biggest mistake techs do. Assume the audience knows nothing and explain slowly every step , step by step

  3. Mrs Manav says:

    Hey can u please help me.. as i got stucked while reinstalling my macbookair.. so after the installation gets complete system restarts by its own but m nt getting that select the country page .However, its showing the utilities page again.. tried almosr 5 times

  4. Christopher Harvey says:

    I only have a windows keyboard and I want only to bring the device back to factory settings for a new owner

  5. João Paulo Schinetzler Rocha says:

    During the hard drive cleanup the screen went black, and it has been like this for a while. Could you tell how long it would take for the whole cleanup process? I selected the third level of security

  6. Glaming Zhere says:

    It says this item is temporarily unavailabe when i click install Os and then agrer and then macintosh and then i do my applr id and it says that

  7. Antoniu. A Szauter says:

    I’m trying to factory reset on my iMac 2008 running Yosemite but it brings me back to enter my password for getting into my computer. What can I do?

  8. Rory Gildersleeve says:

    I wanted to get my Mac repaired so I decided to go to a Mac store. In place of repairing it manually, they advised me to use this exceptional system utility for MAC “macvo unique only” (Google it). The application was actually efficient in repairing almost all software problems. A few of the program’s amazing functions include Cleaning, Securing, Optimizing your Mac, anti virus, and spyware.

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