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  1. Daniel Loft says:

    Hey mate, I tried to reset my IMac to factory settings to clean it out. I followed all the steps I found online. I got to the last step “IOS reinstall” but it wouldn’t let me continue. So I restarted my computer which lead me to a black screen with flashing question mark folder. I followed your steps but nothing happens except the continuous flashing folder.. any ideas on how I can get back into my system to try reinstall IOS and start fresh?

  2. DelzieC says:

    Whewwwwwww thank you! Easy fix I thought I lost all my work! I was just about to set up time machine too!

  3. Christian Mendoza says:

    Nothing worked for me because I didnt realize my keyboard batteries were dead, I almost threw my iMac out the window.

  4. jaydehn says:

    after i do the command r, powerup, everything, it pops up with a lock and a bar under it . i put my password but NOTHINGS! working! someone helppp please?

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