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  1. Brooklynn Calhoun says:

    no thanks, I'm not risking messing up my brand new Mac book. you could just take screen cleaner and wipe it off because those are normal pencil marks.

  2. M Mols says:

    Hello Cap10323 , nice trick , i have a same problem at my Imac 27 inch an searched for the pensil , who you showed here but i cant find it here in the netherlands . i visited several stores who ' selling silver penals , but i didnt found it .. can you tell me where you bought this pensil ??

  3. Lynne Kim says:

    Does the blueprint pencil have to match the colour of your computer? I have the space grey MacBook and I was wondering if I can still use a silver pencil to get rid of the scratches. Please let me know! Thanks

  4. g3elle says:

    Are you kidding me? He has made some fake scratch marks with regular pencil and now they "magically" disappear when he rubs them with his finger :'D Come on guys, don't believe this crap! This is as fake as it can get

  5. Max camilion says:

    Once applied, does it come off? Can it still rub off? Does it dry after a while and not rub off later?

  6. James Morgan says:

    Welders pencils don't work. I tried it based on this video and I would have been just as good using a regular number 2 pencil. The dust came right off and I was back to square one

  7. Ali Al-Attiyah says:

    Actually this is not true since this are not scratches, it seems to be done with a normal pencil so logically it will go away by rubbing it with his thumb!!!

  8. Brandon Thompson says:

    If you'd like to actually remove scratches like that opposed to covering them up use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It accomplishes this through micro abrasion and works amazing. (I own the exact same monitor)

  9. Mauro Bragança says:

    Cant find this pencils anywhere. Nice idea, but yet not very practical if the pencils are not available.

  10. Meth Methanoid says:

    FYI for anyone looking for the exact pencil.. DONT… Eagle Pencil Company sold out to Berol in 1969 so unless you can find a 47 year old pencil you may as well try some "modern" pencils… Please share your experiences

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