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  1. sylvia clayton says:

    What do you do if the whole thing is slow? Like I'm not talking a little slow I'm talking like 10/20 minutes to even load and that's on a good day. 10/20 minutes to load YT or anything. Also downloaded mackeeper, is my Mac now infected and is there anyway I can remove this please? Thank you

  2. Mina Demir says:

    Thanks for the info. I install the mackeeper by mistake, before watching your video, I watch other video and they recommended for cleaning mac. can you text me how can i completely dele mackeeper? thanks

  3. Les Thompson says:

    Great video and help thank you. I too have Mackeeper which got on my MacBook so a video on how to completely remove it would be helpful. Thanks

  4. James Cassidy says:

    So in Activity Monitor(CPU) what are all the random little things taking up 0.51% for example? Do those things matter, like do you ever clear stuff out of the Activity Monitor or just leave it?

  5. Johnathan Doe says:

    ditto on Mackeeper. Its garbage. PCs are much more prone, and this is normally NOT the cause of a slow mac. its most likely too many apps running on an older mac with low ram, or a beat to hell HDD. Purchase a cheap solid state HDD (Crucial 512GB is 109.99) and will speed your mac up 100%
    CCleaner is an amazing app and I don't say this lightly. Just about every other app is malware. ccleaner is so good, its the only app that was allowed when I worked in a multi million dollar data center. Theres really no need for anything else. These apps are duplicating work and this can itself cause issues. Stick with CCleaner only, and swap your hdd for a soldistate.

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