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  1. Tori nevnor says:

    Hi I am a big fan of your channel and have been watching for some time now I was wondering since you have gone back to the 8 plus if you would consider doing a giveaway of your old is you can email me at [email protected]gmail.com thanks!

  2. fm carv says:

    wait until people start realising their iPad aluminium backs are also warped but can only be seen with a light at an angle. You showed us that in your last video. My 12.9 has also that bulge by the Apple logo.

  3. Steven OConnor says:

    I blame public consensus is much is I blame Apple for the bending issue. People of gone to a point that they’ve gone so fucking lazy they can’t even carry something that’s a quarter of a pound it’s pathetic I would rather have build quality then complete thiness any day of the week. I can understand comfort but I think that the world of technology has gotten to a point it’s almost use this as an excuse to make something super late but forget about structural integrity I don’t only blame Apple for this though they are the most publicized about this they should own up to this and try to come up with putting a bit more metal inside of their system even if it’s for a few ounces of oil to help her not to bend. Final thing comes down to people’s stupidity people in general don’t know how to treat things you have your hands full the treater stuff really well most do not.

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