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  1. S Sarraf says:

    Helle Justin, Thanks for the comprehensive, well-summarized, feature-based video you presented on the subject of screen recording. Job well done, Excellent!! I subscribed to your channel, keep up the good work.

  2. iiDavidGamer says:

    My Quicktime is glitched like theres 3 screen recording options out and it woulnt let me exit out

  3. Feona Lee Jones says:

    What about using Zoom to record your screen sharing and YouTube vids!?! Has anyone thought of that????

  4. Tyler Lebens says:

    The problem I have is the tremendous file size when making a video on my mac with Camtasia. It's HUGE and takes forever to transfer up or down. I never had that with PC, but since switching to mac its a problem :(

  5. Austin Playz says:

    Omg I need help for editing and recording I’m trying to gaming but I want some funny and good Quality videos

  6. Italian Beauty Secrets says:

    I dont want an overview over several different apps, I WANT JUST ONE AND THE BEST ONE TO DOWNLOAD! Now I am confused as all other videos I watched.

  7. Russell PlaysYT says:

    quicktime as deemed dangerous by the us goverment and when we called apple they told us to uninstall it so you should to

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