How To Remove A Mac Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware, Maintenance, And Cleaning 2019

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  1. Amanda Parent says:

    you saved me from spending $100+ at Apple to remove these nasty viruses. I can't thank you enough!!

  2. Lisa Rogers says:

    Not sure why but I got to step 8 and it all seemed to go wrong. It asked me to Restart which I did and when it came back on, I got the log in screen asking for password which I typed in. Then it showed a long bar which seemed to be filling till it got two thirds of the way along and then it froze with a white wheel. The bar hasn't moved in 24 hours. I've tried lots of variations of holding down keys while powering down and rebooting, I've even unseated the RAMs, put them back in and restarted and it's still the same. It's pretty much messed it all up.

  3. David Davies says:

    Worked perfectly well, every step, thank you. 19 malwares deleted including weknowhow.

  4. Jerome Robinson says:

    Honestly though… thank you. you deserve the 400th like that I just gave you. Been struggling with this for a while now

  5. Emma says:

    Thank you so much! I knew there was something wrong when it kept redirecting to Bing instead of Google, managed to get rid of 28 different threats with your help!!

  6. Steven Faucette says:

    FANTASTIC VIDEO!!! Thank you very much! I'd been fighting with that "Safe Finder" malware for days…this fixed it and sped up my computer. Again, Thanks sooooo much!!!


    My computer stopped #9 the cccleaner at 79% What should I do? I tried it twice and it stopped at the same %

  8. not yarquan says:

    My avast scan has been running for a long time should I stop the scan and not worry about it?

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