How To Remove Malware From Your Android Phone


Protect Your Access to the Internet

Not only can malware be lurking in bad files that you download from the internet, but your phone can also be infected through downloaded apps. Tech Radar reported that over 1 billion Google Play Store app downloads — mostly banking and crypto apps — could be infected by malware. If these attacks are successful, hackers would be able to glean your personal banking information including login and password details.

Malware found in other types of apps can be equally insidious. You can find them in popular apps such as QR readers, flashlight lights, and religious apps. Once downloaded they may sit for hours before cluttering your phone with ads, pop-ups, and advertising links. Often, the goal is to get you to trick you to click, so they can make money from it, even when you’re not using the app (via ZDNet). That’s why it’s always a good idea to clear your cache and downloads on your device if you suspect that you’ve been hacked (via Avast).