How To Remove Malware From Your iPhone And iPad

Malware is software or code designed to inflict damage upon a computer system, server, or network. Often, hackers deploy the malware on a computer or a server to compromise the safety measures, access system resources, and ultimately take control of the device to access and redirect information. Depending upon their structure and the way they enter a device, malware is classified into different types, including viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and similiar. Once these files get on your iPhone or iPad, you might notice that the devices start behaving abnormally.

Usually, Apple’s devices are pretty good at managing apps, but when infected with malware, apps might start crashing, even when there is plenty of memory to run them. Another indicator of the presence of malware is the battery. Under normal circumstances, the latest iPhone models easily last for a day, but the battery percentage drops faster when affected by malware. Other flags that should serve as a warning bell include the appearance of apps you never installed, increased pop-ups while browsing with Safari, and elevated data usage (via Norton). If your iPhone or iPad shows any of these symptoms, there’s a chance it has malicious software installed.