How To Reset Mac Password Without Disc On Any Mac Computer Or OSX Version Tutorial: Easiest Way!

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  1. Mojdeh Eilbeig says:

    Thank you Canoopsy! You saved me. I read and watched many pages and videos and none helped! But you are awesome!

  2. Chester_maulen says:

    Does it work on different keyboard cause i throw my apple keyboard itbhas a strong shock everytime i touches it so if it works on computer keyboard what should i press? On command and s thing pls answer

  3. deucesup222 says:

    Please tell me this doesn't delete data too. I was able to get into my account but I'm not finding anything on the drive.

  4. deucesup222 says:

    Nice. Wish I would have found this a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work. Mac users always need a little help.

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