How to reset your Mac password if you forgot it without loosing any data! 2018

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  1. Mahmoud Hassan says:

    Man ,when I do the same , it asks me for my Apple ID und password after I put them it comes message says ( the supplied I Cloud account was unable to unlock this volume) . There is anybody can help?

  2. nateman10 says:

    How do I shut it down or restart it when it asks for a password to shut it down? I already reset my password with my Apple ID but the new password doesn't work either. What is wrong with Apple? The computer has only been going for a week, and it is just rejecting my password for no reason. Why do they include password resets that don't work? If I have to restart to get the password reset to work, but it requires a password to restart, what am I supposed to do? Apple products suck.

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