How to Restore Reset a iMac to Factory Settings ║ macOS Mojave

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  1. Arnie Neri says:

    Please i need some help. I tried to do as you said but when i tried to reinstall it didn't work? Then i restarted and it shows me only a folder. What do i do please

  2. Mackies 1Stop Radio TV says:

    Hi am trying this but its says illegal option –w at bet when its meant to shout down. Thx mac

  3. Haseeb Mughal says:

    Hello sir i have mac os and press cmnd s then i do everything i write in the last reestore not restart it sucks when i turn on the mac it takes me to the new inter face what can i do plzz tell me

  4. SpiA RaMaYo says:

    Would this work to solved the keyboard and mouse problem?? I have to restart Avery 5 min my iMac … because mouse and keyboard kept disconnecting… please help … tanks

  5. Björn Ekengren says:

    Thanks a million for a clear and informative video! It worked perfectly and saved me a lot of time.

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