How to stop your gadgets choking the earth News

The average home has 25 connected devices today, more than twice the amount of what it had in 2019.

The result is a gushing river electronic waste. Gadgets are both the fastest growing and most polluting category of trash. Old gadgets are more likely to catch fire or leach toxic chemicals. The recycling rates of electronics are low: Less than one fifth of them are recycled each year.

Elizabeth Chamberlain (director of sustainability at iFixit), a community for repair enthusiasts, stated that “globally, we’re generating ewaste that weighs up to 100 blue whales a days and that 80% to 81% is not going to recycled.”

Some technology companies are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their products in light of this crisis. Apple, Samsung, and Google have begun to allow customers to fix their products after years of encouraging planned obsolescence. Critics argue that this is not enough and encourage companies to do more. Government regulators should also be on the case.

Earth Day is Friday. Consumers can recognize this and take steps to lessen the impact their tech. They also save money. Here are some tips from environmental advocates to make the most of your device.

Keep your device longer

The first thing to consider when looking at new devices is whether you want one. Experts recommend that you avoid buying a new smartphone or laptop by either repairing or upgrading an older model to get more use.

Chamberlain stated that the manufacturing process is responsible for the vast majority of a device’s carbon footprint.

According to a U.S. study, Americans purchase 161 million smartphones each year. PIRG. It would be as effective as removing 636,000 cars from the road if everyone had a smartphone for an extra year.

People replace their phones to extend the battery life. Although it is more difficult to replace an older phone’s battery than it was in the past, it can still be a way to prolong its life and cost less than purchasing a new one.

iFixit, for example, sells a $50 iPhone 12 battery replacement kit. The site rates the repair as moderately difficult. Sometimes,…