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  1. Şahan Arzruni says:

    The bottom of my cyber-shot camera doesn't look anything like the one pictured. I still have no idea how to upload the images. Useless.

  2. Diane Erdahl says:

    The small end of my UBS cable that came with the camera works for charging the battery but it won't fit in the bottom to load photos to Mac iPhotos. Do I have a defective UBS port? The small end is a straight end verses the triangle shown on the video. 

  3. Donald Groff says:

    i have the new cybershot HX50V. how about a tutorial on using the camera's wi-fi to transfer to a mac computer? the directions for transfer to a smart phone work fine, but the camera's directions for transfer from camera to mac computer omit a step or two, making it impossible to achieve. tnx.

  4. Sarah Donohoe says:

    my camera is the DSC-WX100. I went on the Sony Live Help and it couldnt recognize that model…..

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