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  1. Dino Bravo says:

    I do almost All my work on my iPhone (as does Most people I know), so……where's your answer for the IOS ? (Have That answer, Then you will be 'the Go-To Guy'.

  2. 69MrBunny says:

    My MacBook is frozen altogether even when i restart i cannot get the cursor to move from the left hand top corner.

  3. Scott Beebe says:

    I have tried all the options you have told us to try, and still frozen with a beach ball. the only option is to shut down manually or I will just have to wait and see if it unfreezes its self. any other suggestions ? any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Daniel Valentine says:

    Someone please help. I have the beach ball and i cant click anything not even the apple in the corner can someone please help?

  5. M Ross says:

    Thanks for the tips.  I'll try them, but I'm not sure how well it'll work. Nothing seems clickable once I get the beach ball. 

  6. RogianiCouture says:

    help!! on my I-mac the beach ball did not go away…I had to turn off manually on the power botton …now the scren is medium grey.. and nothing is coming out…
    what to do? turn off again?

  7. socheathsun says:

    My problem is the apple is locked up….the finder is locked up…. Keyboard is locked…volume is locked….etc….. the only thing I can move is the mouse but it can't click anything…. And it still goes into screensavor….or dimmed computer light mode….. Help me please!!!

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