How to unlock a disabled iPhone with or without a computer

An iPhone will display “iPhone is Disabled” after you enter the wrong passcodes many times. This situation looks very tricky because you can’t do anything with your iPhone at this time. For this situation, we provide seven effective methods to help you unlock a disabled iPhone in most tricky issues. You can choose to unlock a disabled iPhone with or without a computer.




1️⃣ Unlock disabled iPhone with computer

EaseUS MobiUnlock

An all-in-one iOS unlock solution


A popular way to unlock iPhone


Apply to a Mac that runs on Catalina or later

iCloud Website

Unlock iPhone via 

2️⃣ Unlock disabled iPhone without computer

Find My App

A built-in feature on iOS mobile devices


Apply to an iPhone runs from iOS 8.0 through to iOS 10.1

Apple Store

Go to a local Apple Store for professional advice

Why is your iPhone/iPad disabled and unavailable?

The screen passcode for the iPhone protects its data security. Due to security settings, the iPhone will be locked if you enter the wrong passcode several times. At this point, the message “iPhone is Disabled” will pop up on the screen. Here are some reasons why you may have entered the wrong password many times:

  • Forgot iPhone passcode (This is the most common one. You don’t remember the original password but try various wrong passwords many times).
  • Mistaking other passwords such as Apple ID passwords as screen passcode.
  • Pressing the wrong number on the screen without realising it several times.
  • The mobile phone is randomly pressed by your child or pet cat.
  • Other cases: the iPhone cannot be turned on normally. It may be that the system or hardware is damaged and triggers the protection mechanism.

If you encounter such situations and the iPhone becomes disabled, then you may need to find an iPhone unlocker tool or seek other solutions to unlock a disabled iPhone. Let’s read on to explore the methods.

Fix 1. Get into an iPhone that’s disabled using a computer

Here we provide four ways to unlock a disabled iPhone, including using a professional tool, using iTunes, Finder or iCloud. But all the methods in this part…